Published: 16. 07. 2019

Italian company Kintek has a long tradition and 30 years of experience in making Tool Holders for CNC Milling

Machines and CNC Lathe Machines, and their products stand out with high quality and fast delivery time.

This points to the seriousness of the company itself and the satisfaction of existing and new customers.

Also, the company offers the possibility of making special products according to customer

drawings, which makes 25% of total sales.

They continue to improve service and product offerings both domestically and internationally.

To meet all market requirements, the main Kintek catalog is renewed every two years.

In the offer you can find a large assortment of Tool Holders for CNC Lathe Machines:


  • BMT
  • VDI DIN69880


You can find more catalogs and offers on the following clickable buttons:




For more information about Kintek products you can contact us: | | | 01 / 3364-944 |

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